Cleaning a string of invisible characters in Silk4Net, Workbench or 4Test. What privileges should be given to a user account that does not have administrative privileges in order to successfully use SilkTest? How can I obtain the name of the options set SilkTest is using during execution? The output from CaptureAllClasses didn”t show the classes either, and consequently new scripts didn”t end up finding the objects? How can shared DLL”s be deleted if the uninstall program does not remove them?

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Why does “Disable developer mode extensions” dialog appear when testing Chrome. Can a local SilkTest Agent be restarted during a test run? The output from CaptureAllClasses didn”t show the classes either, and consequently new scripts didn”t end up finding the objects?

How to automate two mobile android devices in one test. The SilkTest methods FileWriteLine and FileWriteValue overwrite the current oxbc of the text file, how can information be inserted without this happening? Using Concurrent programming in Open Agent causes application to hang. micrisoft

ERROR [] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1. | eOne Solutions

How can I verify if an object exists in VB. How do you identify if a number is contained within a string? How can SilkTest test dynamic controls within a web application? Fill myDS, “Shouts” ” Anyone?


When I compare two strings that look exactly the same, why does SilkTest believe they are different? How can a record be written to a text file by SilkTest? What types of verification techniques are available in SilkTest? Is there a way to determine the currently loaded options set in a SilkTest project? Why do I get an error “datapack mismatch inconsistent data type” when reading from an Oracle Database? Code examples for converting a currency string to a numeric equivalent value.

Using output parameters with Keyword Tests. Can I Verify or FuzzyVerify more than one string at the same time?


Where can I find the Flex Automation package files? Unable to capture the tool tip of a control when using CaptureBitmap. Columns “Submitter’s ID “. How to generate a flex log. By using our site, you acknowledge that mixrosoft have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. No default machine has been set.


How can I run the same ,icrosoft multiple times within SilkTest? Silk4Net – CSharp xBrowser tests fail. How can I convert a hexadecimal number to decimal format using SilkTest?

ERROR [07002] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Too few parameters. Expected 1.

Can SilkTest inherit a data member from a class declaration in a windows object declaration? All works fine except for one query.

What is Type Casting and how can it be used? I think my problem may be with adding parameters but I don’t know what I am doing wrong forgive me, I am a reforming java developer.

When making a HtmlPopupList selection the following error message may occur: I can now format but am getting error counting the download without duplicate for each day Create a Data Driven test using VB. Upgraded Visual Studio and receive build error “Type ‘Desktop’ is not defined”.