You guys have some pretty nice systems, here is my set up. If it were still running WinXP and if I’d never found out about Linux , it probably wouldn’t have lasted more than two! Custom build from collected parts 2. I am wondering about the 64 bit PCI slots that are in there. The motherboard is MSI but since it came with the PC is not branded, the chipset also escapes me at the time but it does feature integrated video ati xpress I think? Performs quite nicely, actually.

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Here are at least two that have ubuntu dapper drake on them right now. Main Machine Pentium 4 1.

I tried printing a cat but it came out inverted. The laptop uses Swiftfox, as Firefox seems to randomly crash at intervals and iceweasel has trouble too for some reason.

Foxconn Windows 98 Sound Card Drivers Download

Self-built, a lot of auddio mods mainly to make it silent and cool. You guys have some pretty nice systems, here is my set up. ASrock my Asus p4pe deluxe burned up Video: TaPioneer Kubuntu Linux using 6. I love Ubuntu and Kubuntu 7.


Ubuntu Edgy with Beryl on it.

Foxconn Video Drivers Download

The wood one is an old IBM computer with a mhz processor. For instance, I’m now on the machine I specced above and this line came from.

AMD Opteron 2. P Intel P4 1.

Foxconn drivers – Foxconn Sound Card Drivers

Then you can install the driver with “setup” or “setup -s” command: It’s an Epia mini-itx mainboard in a metal lunchbox. 760gxk8mc-ts eagerly awaiting shipment of my new toys! OS is Ubuntu Edgy Eft 6. Only thing that aint new is the chassie powersupply is also new.

Play games and Movies, Backup etc. I’m such a geek. Main PC in sig, also planning to put some old componants together into an xubuntu box. About 4 years old and still going 760gxo8mc-rs.

Macbook Pro 15 inch C2D and lovin it. I also have an as-yet-unnamed troll doll on top of my monitor. My computer is a computer believe it or not I build from parts that other people auudio me. So it would be a 24 meg in total dual pci accelerated video card.


Foxconn GXK8MC-RS Motherboards > Downloads Free! Drivers, Manual and BIOS

And yes it does play Doom 3 and Quake 4 pretty darn well. My main computer is a Gateway CXX laptop, 1. A total of GB storage.

My first ever computer I owned others belonged to parents. That’s my secret experimental 3D printer.

Seagate gig IDe VC: Finally got it working! My Geforce 4 Ti mb died too. I am currently running with a BFG GT mb version which I bought, I added mb of extra ram to bring it to mb ddr both working aduio since one chip is slower speed than the other.