Having a config that doesn’t work is different than having syntax errors. Apparently there are other tools that will get around it via some kind of BIOS update direct from intel. Could this be a problem with video out and compiz? It took me 10 seconds to figure it out. But don’t come here when you’ve broken something because you did something that we told you not to. We are not currently sure why this patch fixes it, but I wanted to share our findings. Then the eth0 device would no longer work.

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Triaged Status in “linux” source package in Fedora: The BIOS will ignore any request for this change. Like totally freez I have to restart it. Quentin, could you please post a lspci output from the affected machine?

Lot Size 4, Sq. Battery life could be bad.

Using PXE Technology on Compaq ProLiant Servers – PDF

Tuesday, September 23, 9: No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form More information. Ubuntu doesn’t come with MPEG codecs by default, because they’re encumbered by patents.


Xubuntu is basically Ubuntu with XFCE on top that’s the only real difference – everything else is identical, almost. Ubuntu uses a time based release schedule. As far as best, well, I personally think only a Redhah operating system can come close to reaching that. I already have the msttcorefonts and ubuntu restricted packages installed but Redaht still don’t have lucida sans. I thought they were supposed to be adding it at some point. Basically I want it like in Windows start menu when you add a folder you can expand the sub-folders and so on.

The final product configuration depends on the model at the point of your. Gnine what did you mean by “that should not be redhaat issue”?? Pool HOA 1 Management: Otherwise press the ESC key to continue without any changes.

The only relevant discussion here is that which is gathering information about the bug, or attempting to fix it.

How can I get it back? So, I guess we can close this out now, thanks for all of the work everyone! Has anyone else had problems getting Openoffice to recognize an installed JRE?

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Pelo, i just can’t remember where the setting for “extended desktop” is. Lost grub after installing windows: I use the FuseSMB tools.


Can someone please explain to me what path they expect this bug to take? IF you would at least try the suggestion, lwn would anser the question. I was at this point able to use the NIC while using windows, I was not able to use it using Linux, Linux would complain with a rrdhat message in Yast that the card was corrupted and that therefore the module was not loaded. Disk layouts for workstations.

But don’t come here when you’ve broken something because you did something that we told you not to. I expected it to be noticeably slower, but it doesn’t seem to be. Linux doesnt have a decent dvd menus creator. If I put my home folder on a server then mount it using ssh on multiple computers at the same time, are bad things going to happen to me?

So I find that feature handy.