Email Required, but never shown. In ADOdb, we use an object-oriented approach to managing the complexity of handling multiple databases. Mahara Bot dev-mahara wrote on Best topics on the matter are those ones: It’s about compromise and finding a common ground, and that’s what this article is all about.

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How to Write Code for Any Database with PHP ADODB

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Unfortunately in PHP every database is accessed slightly differently. Best topics on the matter are those ones:.

B blob or binary image D date T timestamp L logical boolean I integer N numeric float, double, money. The results are printed, one line per row. A useful comparison is available here.

Prepared statements can be implemented using the following syntax:. Then move to the next line MoveNext and repeat. This bug affects 1 person.

There are two ways we could go about this gracefully: It’s about compromise and finding a common ground, adoeb that’s what this article is all about. Database abstraction layer is a software with which database tasks connect, execute queries etc can be performed with more than one databases.


What is worse is that the parameters you use for the different connect functions are different also.

Moving from MySQL to ADOdb [ADOdb]

The qStr function addresses this issue. This is normally not a problem as you can always cache records to simulate backwards scrolling. But, mysqli and PDO support prepared statements.

ADOdb supports forward scrolling for all databases. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Object that performs the connection to the database, executes SQL statements and has a sdodb of utility functions for standardising the format of SQL statements for issues such as concatenation and date formats.

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Bug # “Use adodb “mysqli” instead of “mysql”” : Bugs : Mahara

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Please, read terms of use and Comment Policy at privacy policy. I love adosb song, especially the version with Louis Armstrong and Ella singing duet.

Moving from MySQL to ADOdb

An example with the relevant lines in bold:. I support option 1.

Thu Sep 5 Concerning the popular MySQL database, we need to know that php mysql extension does not support prepared statements. Compile from source code on other Linux distributions: This is based on an older PHP library which is no longer in active development and lacks certain features, most notably transactions see for instance https: Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Mahara Bot dev-mahara wrote on Aaron Wells u-aaronw wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. A database wrapper myxqli such mysqqli ADOdb comes in handy when you need to ensure portability.