If I use Labview to write the opposite way ie from the port nortmally connected to the end device, I can send commands no problem. The AIRcable devices don’t have a welcome banner Something that is displayed when a user connects to it but you are connected to the device and can run commands. Be aware that some commands require the device to be in a certain state, as well as a reset for the command to function. Press and hold the pairing button for 5 seconds. This way you can move between scanners without changing the configuration. At the end it will print “OK”. Configure the PIN number that corresponds to the device s you want to connect to, either a fixed digit number or an automatically generated 5 digit ID that will be added to the name to identify the AIRcable.

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It is a 3 digit decimal value with leading zeros to this formula: Your satisfaction is very important to us, so please read this guide before installing your AIRcable modules. If authentication is enables it first discovers a partner, tries to pair with it and makes a connection. Second is number of stop bits: Once you have the program up and running set the parameters for the new terminal connection to the following:.

Thank you for purchasing an AIRcable. Seriak power light will go out briefly.


I’ve been working on thos on and off for a few months while I have been developing the rest of my application, but have made little progress with this issue. First letter is parity: Do this on both devices that are going to be paired.

I’ve even gone so far as to have my air cable hooked up between two comm ports, so I can aicrable out on one and see it recieved on the other.

It is a truly automatic-connect to many other Bluetooth devices. For slave mode only. The AIRcable Serial provides switches accessible from the top to select the baud rate. Fully Programmable and Configureable.

[PATCH][RFC] Add AIRcable USB Bluetooth Dongle Driver []

Configure the supported Bluetooth profiles see details below: There is no need to install and configure extra software to establish a wireless connection. The firmware update tools esptool use that to reset the processor automatically. To turn it on, do the following: This is a one time slave command for 11 seconds.

If your device does not support hardware handshake you must switch off hardware handshake with the 4th switch on the AIRcable switch uxb position in order for the AIRcable Serial to work properly. HyperTerminal comes with the default installation of Windows2k, and XP.

All commands respond with an “OK”. Otherwise the received characters are deleted and ignored.

AIRcable SerialWiFi

WiFi requires quite a bit more power than our Bluetooth modules, and your 5V should be able to provide up to mA. It should be used in 3 wire serial connection applications. Use the authentication, aicrable, pin number and name configured before. Port opened by process. If authentication is disabled, it discovers a partner and tries to connect to it.


I have aircabe trouble with continuous communication with the device using these two ways at all.

AIRcable – Long Range Bluetooth Devices

Once a connection is established, the command line interface is no longer available since all input and output is routed through transparently to the isb end.

Source code for all firmware versions and tools are available on Github.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The advantage to this is that it does not require pairing or bonding with the other end.

[PATCH][RFC] Add AIRcable USB Bluetooth Dongle Driver

The main advantage of this mode is that it allows several devices to connect to it as opposed seriao the Cable Mode which is point-to-point and allows only one connection. I have a device that I communicate with via a serial connection.

The name has to be exactly 8 characters long.