You can put this into a shell script to automate this if you wanted, like something below: Emergency is obviously the most needed for failures and such. The content of this page is largely obsolete. However, in recent times this has been cracked and the password for many models of Cisco routers can be calculated using the tool at http: I created linux partitions and installed few distributions, then tried to get the wireless card to work on them but couldn’t. I was able to get it to load with segmentation faults or errors, only after I downgraded the firmware version to 5.

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Note that register a0 must contain the syscall number.

Cisco/Aironet driver for Linux (4500/4800/340/350 series)

You would also need aiornet modify the syslog. Why not use your Linux box for it? IOS executables are shipped in a raw binary format known as a. Both the environment variables and the alias table are stored in NVRAM so that their values persist, even when power is off.

Among the most critical of my linuz has been the use of my Laptop on my wireless network. The content of this page is largely obsolete. Create a new comment that fits your needs. I haven’t tested it yet, because I am away from the wireless network, but I think it will work.


Cisco – LinuxMIPS

Try doing a cat Config or cat Status and they print out information despite their file-size of 0. I’m a big Linux fan. Emergency is obviously the most needed for failures and such. Hi- Thanks for updating the link. I followed the link on Ibm’s website to cisco, where I downloaded the ACU driver package and the install document.

Linux Syslog Server – Setup for Cisco Devices – notes and reminders

As well, there are limitations placed on the binary format due to the behaviour of the software in the Boot ROM. Reset Cisco Router to Default. Hi – Can you provide the Aironet’s card number e. I compiled all aironeet my information from this great debian page and this Cisco page.

The only downside to using this method is that the WEP key is written to the card itself, and thus not temporary it’s permanant until overwritten, and will not be lost if the wireless card loses power.

Change Order of Network Connections. If you only want to receive emergency messages only then you would use the logging trap emergencies command. If I am able to get it working under those and other distributions, I’ll post the procedure here.


It works marvelously without WEP, but that’s not good enough for me. Stop the network adapter, disconnect from any networks, etc.

Wicked Strategery

I also installed the same package under slackware 9. Otherwise your syslog messages will have the wrong times for everything!

Retrieved from ” http: I followed cisco’s install procedures, and was able to get the ‘airo’ driver to load, but couldn’t configure the device because it couldn’t be found. Which contains, surprise surprise, our WEP keys. This seems to be based on the router model. Here are somethings to look out for: However, as many of these routers get decomissioned, they do appear on eBay at reasonable prices.

HI- I visited all the websites that appeared in Ian’s message, and tried some of the suggestions. Cisco also has made available a document describing the memory map of these routers, which can be found at linkx. Feed for this topic. Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet.