Mercury damages the nervous system and is toxic in high doses. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. The frequency of this repetition per second is called Vertical Frequency or Refresh Rate. Samsung Eletronica da Amazonia Ltda. Not run DirectPlay Test Result:

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The main problem, as far as computers and other electronics equipment are concerned, is that environmentally harmful substances are used both in the products and during their manufacture. Picture Tab Definition Allows the user to adjust the screen settings to the desired values. This is not a product defect. To turn on or off any Preference, position the cursor over the box and click.

This buttons allows you to adjust items in the menu. Flame retardants Flame retarda nts are present i n printed circuit boards, cables, w ires, casing[ First and foremost, an user manual of Samsung T should contain: Do not place the monitor face down.

You have finished setting up your monitor. Windows XP Professional 5. Manufactured By Beyea Custom Headers. The colour-generating layers of display screens must not contain any cadmium. Follow the directions appropriate for the operating system you have. Monito r driver installatio n is comple ted. Lay the LCD monitor face-down on a flat surface with a cushion beneath it to protect the screen. In the link above has instructions for installation.


Reproduction in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Samsung Electronics Co. In today’s information age, more users need to view documents, web pages, emails, etc.

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This means that your display is designed, manufactured and tested according to some of the strictest quality and environmental requirements in the world. It is a 3rd party mod of the base ATI drivers. Also use to exit the OSD menu or return to the previous menu.

The relevant TCO’99 requirement states that batteries may not contain any mercury.

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91t3 not try to move the monitor by pu lling only the w ire or the signal cable. Jahntassa What, I can have feathers Premium Member join: Turn on your computer and monitor. It shows the version and copyright of program. Flame retardants have been found in human blood and researchers fear that disturbances in foetus development may occur. Keep the product away from combustible chemical sprays or inflammable substances.


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If the resolution is xthis means the screen is composed of horizontal dots horizontal resolution and vertical lines vertical resolution. For documentations or works involving heavy text. The relevant TCO’99 requirement permits the inclusion of lead since no replacement has yet been developed.

Double click the “Display” Icon. After a successful purchase of an item one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Servicio Integral Samsung Av.

Select installation Language, Click “Next”. If your monitor does not operate normally – in particular, if there are any unusual sounds or smells coming from it – unplug it 913 and contact an authorized dealer or service.