Copy that number where xxxx are or write it down somewhere. Oct edited Oct Almost all of them could take the to speed levels, but most of them where getting checkerboard effects in certain situations. Older patched drivers are working fine. No, create an account now. Worst case scenario, the unused pipelines have a possiblity of being broken, resulting crashing and not booting up.

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You should now be back to the same position you were before you started this guide. If that is correct, go one dir up and modify. Ahi for the link. You can find out what that is from the lines you edited earlier: Any idea how to tell other than trying it? Thanks, I got it to work with my Radeon This has already been performed on the card in my System 2.

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Powered with ill-gotten helium. There are some softmods that unlocked pipelines that have been shutdown by ati, just wondering if this is kind of in the same boat as that. Where the other half of NYS lives Registered: Eskimo Ars Woftmod Palatinae Registered: Help would be appreciated. This is not possible. Easy HowTo Version 2.


Redhook Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Xoftmod would be very helpful for those of us that are not experienced in this area. Just hadn’t been reading up on the mod for several months. ATi themselves never built the non-pro cards, just some of the Pros. I’m open to do more tests, with different applications and benchmarks.

I want to flash the Pro in System 1 to Pro. Thanks for the update Article updated to reflect new patched Catalyst 3. Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool.

Updated for Catalyst 3. Oct 30, Posts: I’m too lazy to look this up; and also I’d like advice to go with the flashing files and device drivers.

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Tue Jan 28, Ati radeon The methods outlined below can cause severe system instability or artifacting on some ATI Radeon video adapters. Finally found the patched 3. Ai – there is no way you can damage your card with this.


I’ve read this could only be done to sapphier mb versions with the red pcb that has the same layout of Is there anyway to add applications so that the too benefit from the new drivers?

It will should answer all your zoftmod.

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I’m working in win 7 x64,the softmod run good, but i not able to run the control panel. Download Rage 3D Tweak www. Mon Jan 27, 1: