January 19, at 4: February 12, at Can we convtert beetel tc1 adsl2 router for wifi? Interface would be different. Dear Rachit, Greetings from Tikona. Nice blog great information. But, there is no limit to connection to the wifi router, I have connected my phone, 2 laptops, ps3 both wifi or via lan all at the same time, with the present configurations.

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Beetel BX1 Reset

For Linux, you can run command: February 12, at 9: Hello Balyan, Just try to set it up in acsl2 mode, and disabling dhcp. November 4, at 6: Never did RnD regarding this, as I was having only two device.

February 16, at 3: July 20, at 3: Dear Subscriber, This is a gentle reminder to follow-up on your concern listed on Dec 8, December 1, at 2: December 12, at 2: So, you can try the settings that I have done.


But once the modem is switched off, the laptops are not able to detect the Wi-Fi network. It’s a good idea to check on the wireless setting to be sure your network is still secure.

October 27, at 5: I have followed your steps. I followed your steps however i am not even able to connect to the wifi Below are the steps that i performed. The Beetel BX1 has a web interface for configuration. Hi Vaibhav, there should not be any other password then what we all have tried with, i.

I am very upset after getting this modem. November 14, at 4: This Wireless Router is quite weird, wasted a lot of time over time. I guess you want to say, is once restarted, your devices are not able to find the wifi-network.

How can I connect more than 8 devices to my router? I would be really helpful if you can guide me on axsl2. March 4, at 4: Thanks a lot, God bless you Thanks Arthaf for your encouraging words!


Or do you think I could just use multiple routers connecting to a good core multilayer switch? Is there any possibilities connecting beam fiber with beetel tc2.

How to Reset the Beetel 450BX1

March 20, at 1: October 23, at Notify me of new posts by email. December 31, at You can plug in your dongle and enjoy wifi over other devices, no need to switch on the laptop.

Hi Arthaf, Thanks for your nice words. And if the router is configured properly, it will work with any ISP.