The screen wobbles a little bit when knocked but nothing too bad. Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user. Default Settings, sRGB gamut. Brightness OSD setting controls backlight? A nice touch we felt was that each section of the menu is colour coded which helps highlight which menu you are currently using, in this case it’s a light blue colour.

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In practice the signal processing is the element which gives the feel of lag to the user, and the response time of course can impact blurring, and overall image quality in moving scenes.

Average Static Contrast Ratio. This represented a very good factory calibration, with only minor tweaks needed really to improve gamma and white point slightly.

Each BenQ PG series display is subjected to a beenq process on-site upon production in order to test the performance of the monitor in terms of Brightness uniformity, Delta-E and Gamma curve. They are pretty logical though thankfully.

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The older stopwatch based methods were the common way to measure this in the past, but through advanced studies have been shown to be quite inaccurate. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: From there we bnq use our oscilloscope system to measure the response time across a wide range of grey to grey G2G transitions as recorded in our response time tests.

At native resolution the text was very sharp as you can see from the top photograph. There was no audible noise from the screen, even when conducting nenq tests which can often identify buzzing issues. The side to side swivel adjustment is smooth and easy to use, and the base remains stationary on the desk when you move it.


Some overshoot problems on certain transitions even with AMA off. There is a draw back to using this feature unfortunately in that it reduced the static contrast ratio quite a bit, from around There are also some further extras including the ambient light sensor, human motion sensor and 8-in-1 card readers which can be useful in office environments. PWM used although at high frequency. These tests allow us to establish. Again luminance was a bit bfnq than specified in the process.

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The screen offered the wide viewing angles of IPS technology and was free from the very restrictive fields of view of TN Film panels, especially in the vertical plane. Preset Modes – There is no defined ‘game’ preset mode available in the menu as the screen is aimed at high end colour critical work. As the setting got cooler, there was a larger temp difference ranging up to k maximum at the coolest setting.

All as expected really from a modern IPS panel. You brnq of course set up one of the custom modes yourself if you want something brighter and perhaps more vivid for gaming. We saved this as ‘calibration 2’ in the preset menu, and it was good to be able to have one mode set up as Adobe RGB and another as sRGB.


On another note many gamers like to use exaggerated settings to make colours look brighter and more vivid.

Good pixel responsiveness which should still be able to handle fast moving scenes in movies without issue. The warmer settings were closer to their desired temp with a deviance of around 76 – k.

The edges of the screen are at an angle from your line of sight which means you pick up this white glow to a smaller degree.

Default settings of the screen were as follows: Aspect Ratio Control – The screen offers three options for hardware level aspect ratio control, available within the ‘Display’ menu as shown above. In some cases there was also some overshoot on the fall times, changes from light to dark shades.

Ben BenQ are looking to expand into other areas with their Pro Graphics PG series, bringing with it a range of high-end features designed for colour critical work and professional users.

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Benq Fpvw Digital S The screen offered a comfortable 0. Rise and fall times on average were quite similar as well.

Any additional extras to reduce perceived motion blur can also have a real benefit in practical terms, and again not easy to pick out with this camera method.