The frequency of the circuit is 0. This means a higher voltage than the top rail. If you need static d. Sign up using Facebook. Bootstrap instead of any driver for mosfet Posted by rabiuls in forum: Output Feedback Control Method. Forums New posts Search forums.

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This a hijack of a thread and is considered poor form. Neither go into any detail about the “black-box” driver circuitry.

Bootstrap capacitor for mosfet | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects and Microcontrollers)

What is Web Browser. How the circuit works. It’s not uncommon to have multiple stages within the gate driver. Attended by major players in nearly every industry, this event sets out to determine the course of technology.

Post as a guest Name. I’m sorry if I’m coming across pedantic and I kiiind of understand what you are getting at – but I am still just as confused as to how the boorstrap circuit works as I was when I started this thread.

RB must be chosen as low as possible that will not damage D1.

Isolation Bootstrap Calculator

Refer the datasheet of the MCT2E optocoupler for checking its technical specifications. There is an amplifier from pin 1 IN to pin 5 LO. If you are not completely sure what it’s purpose is and know that you don’t need it, then you have to include it. I am juist curious as to how the bootstrap circuit creates a voltage potential which is 15V higer than the highest supply potential in the circuit.


Otherwise, the capacitor will start leaking the current due to the excess voltage at its plates and can burst out. The supply is the most positive voltage in the circuit which is in fact what the drain terminal of the high-side n-channel mosfet is connected to.

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Isolation Bootstrap Calculator – Silicon Labs

The time constant equation for charging the capacitor is. What I don’t understand is the high-side driver circuitry itself.

This makes the diode D1 reverse biased as its cathode voltage is now 24V for maintaining the capqcitor across the capacitor. Any help is appreciated. By continuing to browse this website without changing your web-browser cookie settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This time is also used for calculating bootsteap value of capacitor used in bootstrap circuit.

Suppose the transistors require V GS to be V GSsat to conduct the desired amount of current without excessive voltage drop, and require that it stay below V GSmax to avoid breakdown, and suppose the motor supply voltage is V motor. Again, the datasheet for the FET driver should go into detail on all this.


The floating upper driver gets its input logic control by a high voltage, output current sourcing input buffer. In real life I found this works best after much vodka. I think we shouldn’t remove details of boot-strapping.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I understand the princible of the capacitor voltage rising when you apply a voltage to the grounded side now though, quite a clever concept!

Bootstrap capacitor for mosfet

Tech Company Mergers and Acquisitions of In an effort to expand capabilities, reach new markets, acquire talent, or purchase solutions, mergers and acquisitions are frequent in the tech world. This is also assuming the high-side driver is ultimately controlled by a logic-level signal of some kind. Post as a guest Name. Otherwise high current can damage it. The 15V side does not measure volts to circuit ground only 15V. Would I be able to run a floating supply from a 12V battery using that circuit for the high side driver and use the same battery without the floating supply to drive the low side mosfets?