For the memory specification see the section on accessories below. Note that there a Paper adjustment lever on the rear of the printer to select the size of paper for duplex printing. Make sure surfaces will not be damaged by toner powder or cover surfaces that would with disposable tissue. True x dots per inch print resolution with xdpi for plain text. Avoid touching the drum directly and clean it if this happens by accident as fingerprints do damage the material.

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Move forward and backward through selectable options. Wash any toner off hands with cold water. These printers are hl-1650/hl1670n warranty age. The transfer roller is typically damaged by stray objects getting into the printer and being attracted to its magnetic field.

The error numbers are given in Chapter 6 of the Service manual.

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These printers have separate toner and drum units. A part used toner can be released from a completely used drum using the lock lever on the right.

Original toner is not cheap but readily available as a refill, as brotber refurbished drums. Memory installed varied with country of purchase but seems to have been 8MB or 16MB on the main board and one slot for memory module. APT Advanced Photoscale technology enables printing in greyscales giving near photographic quality when needed. Green is Warming up, Ready to Print or actually printing.


Transfer rollers are part of the toner cartridge. Paper can feed from a multi-purpose tray, a cassette tray built into h-1650/hl-1670n machine base or from an optional second tray underneath the printer. The feed rollers are wearing out; change them. After installing a new toner cartridge clean the corona wire using the blue sliding tab. Fuser heated rollers are susceptible to contamination from inapropriate media like labels which might leave their backing paper.

Use this function to get smooth text print. Set Select – the Control panel menu.

Brother HL-1650 / HL-1670N

This often happens at the edges or where the thermistor makes contact first leaving a few marks which ultimately merge into a grey stripe down the page. If paper is observed to curl excessively when printed it has been stored in damp conditions borther will be prone to causing paper jams particularly in the duplex unit.

The service manual gives information about the inspection mode, professional menu mode and service menu mode which prints test pages etc.

After changing components like the fuser the Parts Life Reset Functions will need to be used. After many thousand pages the non stick material becomes exhausted, often parts of the material come away from the metal of the heated roller.


The LCD is a one hl-150/hl-1670n 16 digit device so it is a bit limited but it does have a coloured backlight:.

The Service Manual gives details on how to change the heated roller. Avery laser label L As with most laser printers ordinary plain copy paper should work without trouble.

Red indicates a problem. The LCD is a one line 16 digit device so it is a bit limited but it does have a coloured backlight: Check the paper size setting in the driver and that the duplex lever is in the right position. The user manual has detailed information on clearing paper hl-1650/hl-1760n. Less than 80W Sleep: Orange is for setting options or paused.

It means one or more hl-1650/yl-1670n Spares listed here are not a full list which runs to lines but a selection of hl-1650/hl-1670nn that seem to be used regularly. Up to 50 sheets. The HL and N are no longer made although they may be available from brokers and refurbishers.