You’ll want to lower the resolution or quality to get decent, but not good, continuous shooting speeds. The first mini-camera from Pentax was the 3. In Playback mode, the left and right keys scroll through captured images on the memory card. It’s almost unavoidable to have a proprietary battery on these micro-cameras and the Optio is no exception. Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.

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Pentax Optio 430RS 4MP Digital Camera w/ 3x Optical Zoom

The was crafted to come in at an entry-level price, and so had a plastic body, but the and had sleek, rugged all-metal bodies and very compact form factors. While it’s small, it’s not necessarily light, since it’s all metal. And here it is. The door covering the slot is one of the few plastic pieces on the camera, and I worry that it could bust off if you force it.

DCRP Review: Pentax Optio

These micro-cameras are very popular, since they’re easy to pocket, and can do about anywhere. The final control button on the back panel, the Display button is just off the lower right corner of the LCD monitor.

On the bottom panel of the Optio RS are the tripod mount and battery compartment. The optional AC adapter could also be useful for preserving battery power when reviewing and downloading images.


Dec 19, camera news. In addition to these basic exposure options offering surprising flexibility for a subcompact camerathe Optio has a few other tricks up its sleeve. A remote control is available as an accessory, meaning you can take your time arranging the shot before tripping the shutter with the remote. It shouldn’t take much more then half and hour to an hour to become familiar with the camera setup, as it’s fairly intuitive.

Pentax Optio RS Camera

Note that the range is shorter on the Optio than it was on the The best camera bargains of The Record menu is displayed 403rs pressing the Menu button in any of these exposure modes, and the following options are available: Including a unique 3D picture mode. While the image isn’t super sharp, it’s still pretty darn good. Gear of the Year – Carey’s choice: This lets you position the cursor to the point where you’d like the camera to focus.

Pentax Optio review Apr camerss, The Nikon P is a bit of an oddity, but the unique shooting opportunities it makes possible are why it’s Editor Jeff Keller’s pick this year.

Noise per se wasn’t too bad, but there’s more of it than there should be, and the images caemras my test sample were terribly soft. On the other side of the camera is the CompactFlash slot.

Pentax Optio 430 Review

In Playback mode, the left and right keys scroll through captured images on the memory card. When it is necessary to enter the LCD menu system, you’ll find it simple to navigate.


Plan on buying at least a 32 or 64 megabyte card at the same time as the camera.

It’s a very appealing package, with an excellent, rugged “feel” in the hand. Number of photos on 16MB CF card. I prefer metal tripod sockets, but the small size and low weight of the mean the plastic socket should hold up fine.

When you press left or right on the 4-way switch, the camera instantly shows a low-res image of the next photo. Continuous shooting mode really varies depending on the resolution and quality you’ve chosen.

Two LEDs next to the optical viewfinder report the camera’s status, such as when focus is set, when the flash is charged, etc. A shutter-like, retractable lens cover protects the lens whenever the camera is powered off, sliding quickly out of the way when the camera lptio turned on.

The settings that can be stored in memory are: Find out what’s new and notable about the Z6 in our First Impressions Review. Test Results Here’s a summary of my test results for the RS.