Any idea on how I get it back on? As a last resort, you can replace the entire keyboard. Enter the BIOS setup menu and load default settings. I was not using thermal paste if that has anything with this for heat sink. Temperature The temperature measurements clearly show where the hottest components of the laptop are.

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Thank You veryyyyyyy much!!!

The motherboard was replaced on the 2nd trip in. Sometimes goes black after 5 mins, sometimes after whole day.


I just can not imagine how those can come out from their places, since they are mounted into Thege casing itself. My sons HP s has a power compaqq. Anyone got a fix or is this a replacement job. Even in home office use the laptop would be sufficient. I have a s and the f12 key has fell off.

HP Compaq 6730b 6735s 6715b Modem Board Card (j)c

Could be failed memory. I hooked up monotor to another laptop and it worked as expected.


Enter the BIOS setup menu and load default settings. Genuine Used tested Not Working. Remove four screws securing the display hinges red circles and one screw grounding the video cable green circle.

I wonder if the Intel Extreme are recognized also? This worked a charm. Hi, My HP s has died. Wrote them an email, no response, so this will be my last HP!

It compsq in the laptop casing, at the left USB ports and also at the audio jacks.

Review HP Compaq 6735s

Firstly, I would like to say thanks for uploading this it has helped loads. Unfortunately, the smooth and resistant surface of the laptop is hard to clean. I know official HP service guide but this is better. Despite the low price, the robust case is of good quality. I have to keep resetting the clock.

My current screen part number is Ta. Without this tutorial this job would have been a lot more difficult.


They keep it secret. How can i find the fan on say ebay or know which replacement to buy from the shops.

HP Compaq s Modem WiFi Wireless Cover B | eBay

I had copaq problems. Disassembly instructions start on the page This compaa the original replacement fan shipped directly from HP. I have some troubles with my HP s, since two days, when i move my pc shut it down.

I changed the ram and it keep repeating same thing. Any help is much appreciated! Thus, the surface of the laptop, which could be described as either conservative or lacking creativity, does not follow the general trend to make everything in sight glossy. Blue — in the middle. Had some problems with that one.