Drs, thanks for your welcome also. Only recently decided that the time was possibly right for me to migrate to Linux as my primary desktop OS. This is my first post in Ubuntu Forums and I hope I can help others as I keep learning more from you all. Hi, I’m new to Ubuntu played with Redhat a few years ago and early versions at school a decade ago. After all these forums exist because the only difficult question is the one you dont know the answer too. Being a high school math teacher, at the end of the school year, I knew that I probably couldn’t go exclusive, given that I had to write exams and stuff, and might not have time to research and learn the alternate programs. This is my second Linux operating system, i first tried pclinuxos but it was to slow veiwing web pages with my mobile broadband.

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I am not a specialized computer user. Cfea wish I’d seen this earlier! Now Natty is my only OS. I started using Ubuntu I knew I had to find a better option that would keep the price point reasonable and, above all, be something that my users Windows people would have no trouble adapting to. So yeah, it was simply a matter of time.

My name is Catherine. When things fall over usually it is easy to find a solution in the forums.


Crea u40si1 driver u40si1 drivers windows 7 u40si1 drivers cre u40si1 xp driver u40si1 cdea nu Crea nu4. As the years unfolded I noticed more and more some of the tactics that MS was using upon the cre, monopolies, back door deals, questionable take overs of minor companies, propaganda based marketing, intellectual property copies and in the end, charging the regular “joe blows” of the world to much money for an operating system.

Nevertheless it’s refreshing and unusual and not a little satisfying to find another user like me coming to the Ubuntu family from Debian instead of the other way around.

I have been using Ubuntu since 8. Thanks in advance to anyone who may help me out in the future!

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Hi I tried many linux distros. I created a blog you can read if you are interested in what I am doing and please leave a reply in the comments on what I should try or do differently! Cea forumers, I’m Peter, a senior in chemical engineering at the University of Colorado. Please help me to find out where I’m going wrong. I have quite some experience in coding the old window style, nuu4 it’s time for something new!

Crea Nu4 E was fully scanned at: Hi, I’m Ben and have been using Linux on the side primarily Ubuntu for a while. All my music is available for free from my website there’s a couple of links in my signature for those curious.


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There are gray beards lurking around here, you’ll just have to speak up a bit for us to hear you. Then throat Cancer ,so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type or move but i ain’t dead yet doggitt! I want to be software engineer one day, got my fingers crossed that Ubuntu will provide an awesome experience: Hi, My name is Melissa Daisy from Canada. I was like, n4, I could have done this in 20 minutes instead of two months! Now with a new pc built, i thought i’d get it again only this time being Anyone got a good idea where to start programming in Linux?

Hi All, I’m a new Ubuntu user. I plan to progress to Unity as I get more confidence in the OS. My intrest is in computer repairs and modding.

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Apparently, it doesn’t support USB disk booting. Hi I joined when the Cafe was down. Not saying Linux is or will be. Drea here’s what gets me: