In Manual mode this kick-down is only activated by an additional button at the bottom of the accelerator pedal travel; unless this is pressed the DSG will not downshift, and will simply perform a full-throttle acceleration in whatever gear was previously being utilised. I needed engine replacement for my Ford Mustang. Archived from the original on 24 May In most VW applications, the readout in the instrument display changes to 6 5 4 3 2 1 , and just like the automatic modes, the currently used gear ratio is highlighted or emboldened. Archived from the original on 25 March

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At the same time, on the alternate gear shaft, the reverse gear clutch K1 is also selected [2] [3] pre-selectedas the gearbox doesn’t know whether the driver wants to go forward or reverse. Part of the Automobile series. If the paddle-shift activated manual override of one of the automatic modes D or S is used intermittently the DSG transmission will default back to the previously selected automatic mode after a predetermined duration of inactivity of the paddles, or when the vehicle becomes stationary.

In latean all-new seven-speed longitudinal [6] [13] S tronic [13] version of volkwsagen DSG transaxle went into series production Volkswagen Group internal code: Whether you leave it to the control unit, or take control yourself, DSG transmission delivers lightning-fast and silky smooth gear changes every time.

Combining the convenience of an automatic with the precision of a manual, Direct Shift Gearbox is unlike any conventional transmission. Gift Cards Now Available!

When this plane is selected, the DSG can now be controlled like a manual gearboxalbeit only volkswageb a sequential shift pattern. No official statement was released by the company, but it was stated that a total of 3, were involved trannsmission the unit recall exercise – units produced between June and Junewith affected vehicles being Golf, Polo, Scirocco, Cross Touran, Passat and Jetta models equipped with the transmission.


The paddle shifters have two transmissin advantages: Sequential manual Non-synchronous Preselector. The gearbox is controlled through a mechatronic, which contains the electronic transmission control unit, various sensors and a hydraulic operation unit in one compact package. Buy your used Volkswagen Jetta transmissions from us and save time and money. For dual-clutch transmissions in general, see Dual-clutch transmission.

DSG Transmission | Engines | Volkswagen Australia

The clutch is always actuated completely automatically. And they have 5 years warranty. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you!

The 7-speed DQ and 6-speed DQ gearboxes sometimes suffer from power-loss gear disengaging due to short-circuiting of wires caused by a build-up of sulphur in the transmission oil. Part took just under 2 weeks to arrive but was worth the wait for the price! On the open and winding roads, you might prefer to take control by using the Tiptronic lever or optional paddle shifts.

P dgr of the floor-mounted gear shift lever means that the transmission is set in park. Volkswaagen am really grateful to Kevin for helping me with my purchase of engine for my broken Isuzu Suv. Depressing the accelerator pedal engages the clutch and causes an increase of forward vehicle speed.

Search your perfect used engine trajsmission used transmission on our website or in the catalog and if you can’t find it then give us a call on and we will find perfect used engine and used transmission for you. Once the time comes to shift into 3rd, the second clutch disengages and the first clutch re-engages.


It arrived in 3 days and I couldn’t be more pleased. The program transimssion the issue associated with DSG-equipped vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen.

They even transmissiin 5-years warranty! Both clutch packs are fully disengaged, all gear-sets are disengaged, and a solid mechanical transmission lock is applied to the crown wheel of the DSG’s internal differential.

Retrieved from ” https: The DSG transmission can now be operated with the gear changes being primarily determined by the driver. To find the best quality used engines and used transmission call us on our tall free number – or submit inquiry from.

In simple terms, a DSG is two separate manual gearboxes and clutches contained within one housing and working as one unit. Direkt-Schalt-Getriebe tranxmissioncommonly abbreviated to DSG[2] [3] is an electronically controlled dual-clutch [2] multiple-shaft vvolkswagen gearbox in a transaxle design, without a conventional clutch pedal and with fully automatic [2] or semi-manual control.

VAG vehicles VIN decoder. Online spareparts catalogue for AUDI, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat.

Depending on what your driving transmisskon are, a selection of DSG versions with different features can be used to ensure the perfect drive. Because the DSG’s ECU uses fuzzy logicthe operation of the DSG is said to be adaptive ; [ dubious — discuss ] that is, the DSG will “learn” how the user drives the car, and will progressively tailor the shift points accordingly to suit the habits of rgd driver.

No complaints — all is working fine.