Consider yourself lucky, you hit the lottery in the scammer world, for you have the one in that actually functions. Hi, I also bought this camera. I can’t get the flash to work, it looks like the bulb has fallen out and is rolling around on the bottom of the flash area. You don’t think digital concepts is out to take people for a ride? Highest bidder gets the camera.

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It was free so who cares?

Colleen Sat, 30 Dec Not only did I buy a piece of lying crap, but I can’t upload my photos for work now either. Digitaal Mon, 07 Jan It has worked fine for me since summer of ’05!

I have had the camera for a year. I think it works great! Anyone know what to do about the Sakar digital camera problem, if the battery dies and you replace it, the camera doesn’t work concrpts.

Digital Concepts

Emily Wed, 03 Jan That’s always a good sign right off. If it does run all i can do is download from the camera. Sun, 08 Jun If there is an Attorney out there that would be willing to investigate this matter, I am sure you would acquire SEVERAL unhappy customers that would be willing to discuss this matter with you. Cripes I did not inquire about a digital throway, 1st if battery is dead ,simply replace them. I bought the camera and it also did not come with the software the instruction book talked about.


I brought four of these as a present and guess what I was given this camera and the pictures are dark. digittal

Then either take the battery out or put something between it and one of the tabs like a little piece of paper or plastic till you need it again. Jasper Sun, 16 Sep Tonyia Hallaway Fri, cojcepts Dec Newer machines probably have both versions.

It looks like several models are being discussed here.

FREE: Sakar 75379 Digital Concepts VGA Camera (Great Beginner’s Camera For A Child)

Search for you make and model, and download what you need. Either the driver is bad or the camera is. All I want to know is if the little disk that comes with the keychain digital camera will go into my iMac.

I was way wrong!

Digital Concepts Digital Camera

If you are unhappy with the camera, return it to the store for a refund and become a better customer by researching products before you buy them. The model or serial confepts DF Yeah i just baught this camera and my cell phone cam has better quality, im dissapointed, Poor picture quality, it looks like all pics are taken at midnight, if you do use the flash it blinds the photo out like i took a pic of the sun. I digial take pictures, but that is all.


I got it for Christmas from my mom, and I feel bad theat she wasted her money on such a piece of garbage!!! Here’s what I found on another auction site.

I can take great pics and the software does all I need it to. I’ll use it as a webcam when I set up a computer at a convention – it will NOT likely get stolen because it’s useless as a camera. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to function a digital camera concepta today’s age and most of these people I am sure can do so perfectly or at least to the point of getting the camera to take 7537 picture without much difficulty; so please don’t consider yourself a high level genius just because you got a digital camera to work and these others, including myself, did not.

If that doesn’t fix it the chances are that the fault lies elsewhere. The others 7537 had smaller lens openings with no plastic bubble.