Entry Level Or Reference Projectors: Differences such as de-interlacing artifacts, stair stepping and combing occurred on a regular basis when the screen had tried to deinterlace the image on its own. Setting up a video processor can be difficult, but the Edge is designed to be set up by the end user without the assistance of a professional installer. While this seems to be only a difference in terminology, this is one of the first video processor products that is oriented towards the mass consumer market, and should really adopt those terms. ProjectorCentral reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason. The unit also did quite well with mosquito noise removal.

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As a result, audio arrives at your speakers before the accompanying video arrives at your screen. They usually try to hide as much detail from you as they can, with respect to video.

There are no component video outputs, nor are there coaxial audio output or even RCA stereo. The connections were xvdo both directly to the display and also via the Edge. The unit holds no less than 5 separate audio inputs — optical, coax and stereo, in addition to the ability of each of the HDMI inputs to act as an audio input as well.

Delaying audio to match video only works if you’re using non-interactive content. These include IRE brightness patterns, color bars, and full-field color patterns for adjusting usv CMS color-management system in displays that provide one. Several models were created at the time, all under the iScan brand iScan plus and iScan ultra were particular favorites.


I will start by saying that I will have to review each part of the processing path separately. The image processed by PReP looked noticeably clearer and sharper than the p output by our DVD player, and comparable to using normal deinterlacing on the Edge – in other words, very good.

While the effect is fairly subtle, it is helpful when using lower resolution sources like DVD and broadcast television. It includes an onscreen Setup Wizard that guides you through the process in an intuitive manner, and it offers onscreen hints. This function prevents the incoming frame rate from being altered—if 24fps comes in, 24fps goes out. Both are similar in function and effect.

DVDO Edge High-definition Video Processor | eBay

In this way, the Edge can output virtually any resolution, provided your display correctly reports its native resolution – and some don’t.

The DVDO Edge can very likely re-scale a non-native signal more accurately than your TV, projector, or Blu-Ray player, so it’s usually advisable to let it do all the work. Of course, the new H compression reduces these effects and can bypass some of these artifacts given enough bandwidth and time to do minor block corrections, but those of us who need these channels are stuck with blocks.

Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. Limitations Limited user-definable output resolutions. The Countdown Will Be Televised. Click for more info!

While high definition discs are being adopted fairly quickly, most people still have a sizable library edgr DVDs that they do not want to throw away or re-buy in Blu-Ray. Posted Jan 6, 9: You can’t make the picture smaller. Every source is hiked up couple of notches.


Differences such as de-interlacing artifacts, stair stepping and combing occurred on a regular basis when the screen had tried to deinterlace the image on jsb own. Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence? The front HDMI connection is neat, but I was expecting it to click open, but it requires a thumbnail to be used to pull it out.

The unit has a distinct upside down u shape front that has a visible angled edge to it, reflecting a name change.

PReP also kicks in with those including P and picks up any 3: Now, Anchor Bay wanted another platform to demonstrate its capabilities — enter the Edge.

The ddvdo of the unit is a radical design step from most video processors.

DVDO Edge Video Processor and HDMI Switch Review

As a video processor, it breaks in a new price point edfe this level of video processing, but it does need more work with regards to some of its aspect ratio controls in particular panorama and scaling. The Edge has some features which can enhance fine detail, labeled Edge Enhancement and Detail Enhancement. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. Still not as good as a direct connection bypassing the Edge.