For anyone who may be interested, my hardware ID was:. Notify me of new posts by email. This is a Windows problem. I down loaded these drivers and the device is working perfectly. Other than that, the video quality is poor as well. It would record the video but no audio. I have an old ezcap usb 2.

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Hey Bernd, How did you install this? This topic addresses the second problem, where many people fail.

STK Grabber USB Drivers – Download Device Drivers – –

Drivers for Easycap sought wherever possible! Yes, let us know Paul. Non of them detecting this device. It sounds strange but I can not even make an original drivers published on CD with easgcap hardware mentioned above in a Windows 7 x64 environment working.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Windows tried to install a driver, and claimed it succeeded.

Video Capture Device Drivers

In Debut software the Grabbber is not addressed as a video capture device, but as a webcam. Any ideas where to get that for the vhs to dvd application. I downloaded the software through your site. I just want to play my consoles on my laptop. I did not need to disable driver signature enforcement via the Advanced options start-up screen. Just hope it works now! The Grabber has two different video inputs composite and S-Video. This is a Windows problem.


Muchas Gracias desde ya. The cd I received has nothing to do with the installation. Although I did have such a cable in my box of spare TV cables in the garage. So you have better access times and faster data transfer rates. Husain Al-Badry, or anyone else that could help!

Hi Carlo, got back home last night, will have a play on the workstation tomorrow once I do the W10 upgrade. Do I need to install more software to capture the video??

The driver I used was this one from the list above the grabber STK easjcap Does not work, video data is missing in the saved AVI file. I got a EasyCap. Thanks for the driver list.

DriverMax – MEDIA – Syntek – STK Grabber Drivers Download

I hope somebody has! OR… if someone has a source to purchase EasyCaps of a version that they know there are drivers that will work, such as the EMPIA, can anyone point me in that direction? If you use a combined video-audio cable the video signal might crosstalk into the audio path. So it makes no additional noise during normal operation. Is there a 32bit Win7 driver? eayscap


What else can I do? YUV Pure uncompressed frame data best quality, but needs huge space necessarily requires a very fast hard drive.

We want to edit audio later. Test run Do a test recording first.