I’ve found it to be a pretty nice app and it’d be a shame to leave it. I just tryed the Ubuntu Flight 2 live cd! Berg are you running ubuntu as we speak or are you currently using windows? In time, the connection is going down and after few hor i have Tell us some more!

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Storkme, I eventually had to use Knoppix to resize my windows partition. Storkme, I dunno why the Breezy Live CD doesn’t work for resizing, but I’ve tried it on 3 different machines, and no luck.

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SteveNormally, you’ll have to have the “kernel headers” installed, then patch the Makefile to include the new code. Motoko-Chan anything in the works to get more amd64 repositories going on?

I think I need to log i. Storkme, but it’s a different distro. Yeah, I have an idea!

multimedia player mphd on PopScreen

Firestarter isn’t good enough for my use. Keep in mind, however, that it maywill require more software elecesign than the full pixel lcd since it obviously cant output your whole desktop.


That sentence is an oxymoron for me robotgeek. Just boot off the install cd, and use the installation process to partition and format your drive. Belive it or not there will be a Opensource Creative pack in the coming 2 years. I guess sensors is https: Eleaf, the only time Elecddesign even seen a celery stick was in a bloody mary, and I hate those.


The changes are logged though. I’ll post a screenshot of what I mean in the pastebin Iknow to little about Linux. There are actually some pretty cool image manipulation programs for linux. I get an error that I do not have permissions to access the windows network. Entertainment electronics china gamepad, game player.

At the very least, it seems mplayer uses some wine code to hook the codecs. I think you’re brave for a linux n00b not just quitting right away.

Do NOT play with me in any channel. NiCkLE is there a script which i can download for auto nick completion?


My computer runs, but freezes no matter what HDD is in it or what cdrom its booted from or OS its using. I know the debian way, is it the same, like nvidia-kernel-common and glx etc. Well with my instalation problems. I need to make few programs autostart when I login HomeDawg, where is that information actually set? What exactly are you trying to do, and what command are elecdesing using?

NET] has joined ubuntu. I’ve gotten my bluetooth dongle working, and I see my mouse when i run ‘hcitool scan’ actually it just worked by default: And keep the FBI off my back fo. I am useing chinese version ubuntu and I am useing kde. I’m doing some pattern matching stuff and elecdwsign is too slow.