Are there nozzles actually not firing or missing on that test? We have just changed all the printer cartridges with EPSON ones and we have run the Nozzle Check, Cleaning, Alignment – the paper runs through and it appears that it is printing but nothing appears on the page. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I reckon I must have tried cleaning the heads so much the thing is flooded worse than a carburettor on a cold morning. Two things are for sure: If your printer is out of warranty, you will need a credit card, before the technicians can help you, because there is a charge for technical support over the phone. You said that you installed a new ink cartridge, but you did not say if you are actually using New-Epson Ink Cartridges, or that you are using Non-Epson Ink Cartridges [Generic or Third-Party cartridges].

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My problem arose when, on printing, every 5th line seemed to miss print.

Epson Stylus CX5200 printer help

If it works, then okay, but if not then I think I am going for seperate printer and scanner next time, and not DuraBrite inks. I called Epson and described the dtylus and they walked me threw some diagnostic steps and made sure I was using only Epson inks.

That way, you can clean out all the printhead nozzles at the same time. This repair disassembly and reassembly is for intermediate experience; there are several critical connections which are difficult to re-seat and align properly. Unfortunatly, that would require a lot of in-depth disassembly just to check it out and see if those hoses were clogged or even off somewhere else. It seems to epaon most of the time, just by simply repacing the ink cartridges, as normal.


I had the same problem, and just fixed it, took about 40 minutes. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. This should keep the piece in place for the future.

Epson Stylus CX5200

Can you help me with this problem? It includes a syringe and some Epson printhead cleaning solution, which is cx5200 to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using Epson inks.

This is my last attempt at trying to resolve this problem. Initially my printer wouldn’t print in BW or Color Yes, I replaced the cartridgesI discovered that the clear tube beneath the head cleaning unit was disconnected. If there is no actual red ink light on and cs5200 were to do a search on this Printer Repair Site, you would see that you are not alone in your problem.

Epson Stylus CX Overview – CNET

I know pringer what the problem is, primter my father has the same printer exact model and has the same problem. Thank you, thank you!! Its even possible that cleaning may correct your possible printing problem and you may not actually need the Epson Cleaning Solution The longer the clog has been in, the worse it is to remove. Will I need four syringes if I want to do all four heads at the same time?

Denny – just helped a neighbor with this exact problem. Same thing with my customer! My next step was to do a print alignment. The HP Tango X writes the book on bookshelf printers. Its possible that your problem is being caused by a build-up of dust, dirt, lint and hair that sticks to the wet ink on the bottom side and backside areas of the Printhead Assembly.


It was quite saturated. Your advice and links first class. Alcohol doesn’t have any effect on water-based ink. TIA John – Anonymous.

This makes it easier to manipulate both back to mating.

Researchers find way to track ‘untraceable’ 3D-printed guns The 3D-printer leaves a hardware fingerprint. There is only one pattern set on this and I had to realign 5 times using the 7 before I stylks a rasonable alignment.

Because of that paper jam, its common for the resulting jam to cause problems with the underside area of the printhead assembly. Its even possible that you may have a possibly bad or failing magenta ink cartridge and may need to change it, to see if that helps or not.

However, normally the most common problem is clogging of the printhead nozzles, especially if you were actually using Non-Epson Ink Cartridges.

You need good light, two curved clamps, some alcohol soaked cotton swabs and a clip. Sorry, about the basically double posting.