This workaround was needed before RST-E driver version 3. Here the output of my proper sync’ed RAID: But it looks like it has to do with the shutdown procedure. The discussion page may contain suggestions. Sure there is, take a look at test. Comment 11 Peter Bieringer Comment 30 Harald Hoyer

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Intel Rapid Storage Technology

But nVidia graphics won’t work! Actually, chunk-size bytes are written to each disk, serially.

For optimal performance, you should experiment with the chunk-size, as well as with the block-size of the filesystem you put on the array.

The reconstruction process is transparent, so you can actually use the device even though the mirror is currently under reconstruction. What mdmon look like if you do ‘ps -aux grep mdmon’ imm boot?

See the section on special options to mke2fs before formatting the filesystem.

– mdadm starts resync on imsm raid even in Normal state

If you run XP you also need. If you specify a 4 kB chunk size, and write 16 kB to an array of three disks, the RAID system will write 4 kB to disks 0, 1 and 2, in parallel, then the remaining 4 kB to disk 0. Comment 45 Peter Bieringer Comment 39 Peter Bieringer Description Peter Extratc The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting.


Common filesystem creation commands are mk2fs and mkfs. This will impose extra bus-overhead and latency due to extra reads.

Isn’t isw is a wireless driver!? The fact that you hit this problem during normal reboot, makes me think it could be related to the unrolling back to the initramfs bug that we have discussed in insm BZs. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved November 5, With the latest mdadm, version 1.

Cheers, Jes Comment 10 Jes Sorensen Comment 30 Harald Hoyer Synchronizing SCSI cache [ time] sd Comment 31 Jes Sorensen Extgact might have to disable plymouth to see the console output: Ok, now we’re all set to start initializing the RAID. Comment 28 Peter Bieringer A work-around to upgrade metadata from version 0.

RAID setup – Linux Raid Wiki

My system is too fast to follow last messages before booting, but I thought I have seen on Alt-Sysrq-Poweroff something like “raid status stored”, while on reboot, nothing such was seen. Comment 17 Peter Bieringer GeekMagus 3 Toshiba Forum – Re: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Use “reboot” to see any differences: This happens because if there is no RAID configuration information in the mdadm. Comment 3 Jes Sorensen I have a workstation with a working Gentoo setup.