I know, I know I don’t want to spend tomorrow night cleaning this new laptop out and putting in XP I disabled the UAC, which I would have liekd to do anyway after finding out what it is Nate- I got the Firepod to work in Vista, but it sucked so bad. Apr 19, Messages: I just wanted to see if anyone else thinks this would be OK.

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Reliable drivers need to be written for a start My comp is rebooting right now, let’s see how it does Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members? You must log in or sign up to post here.

Presonus Firepod on Vista

Presonus said they will have drivers by the end of this month or next month, so you can wait, or do what I did- switch back to XP. I don’t want to spend tomorrow night cleaning this new laptop out and putting in XP This has been talked about in another thread, but I really need to know.


How was it switching back to XP? I hope all goes well tomorrow.

Did you have to wipe the drive and all that? The drivers do work but they are unstable and require a higher latency setting. Mar 22, Messages: Apr 19, Messages: No one has tried as far as I can tell, but My home PC setup has a 3.

Help! Windows Vista and Presonus Firepod | Ultimate Metal – Heavy Metal Forum and Community

Wolfeman said it should work in the Vista thread posted by Gavin. Nate- I got the Firepod to work in Vista, but it sucked so bad.

I don’t know vosta that means? So I loaded up Presonus’s drivers in my computer and everything seems to be working fine. Yes, my password is: The Waves site says that the Waveshell isn’t recognized in Vista. And, everything is running vastly faster than my old fkrepod. Once Presonus makes the driver available, I really don’t think I’ll have a problem with my system. Safe to say that I won’t be touching Vista for audio for some time if at all as my system is finally relatively stable under XP after how many years since it was released?


Help! Windows Vista and Presonus Firepod…

You do have to navigate through a bunch of dialog boxes saying that MS doesn’t recognize the programs you are trying to install, and warns against installing unknown software. I know, I know Feel free to sign up today.

Wolfeman I Prefer ELs. I haven’t been able to hook the firepod up, but it’s giving me everything that XP does on a visual level showing that it will work.

Did you try to install the regular Presonus drivers? Oh yeah, my Firepod is at our rehearsal space, so I won’t be able to test it until tomorrow Not that that means anything. But, it still allows you to still install them if you choose.

To be honest, I don’t mind Vista. Share This Page Tweet.