Besides reporting information, the Members tab of a Mirrored set allows the user to remove a specific drive from that set, as well as add a designated Spare drive to a Mirrored set that has experienced a disk failure. If, after a disk failure, the replacement disk was previously part of a RAID set or used in another system , it may have conflicting metadata, specifically in reference to the drive connection information. Press Enter to continue with installation or if you need to specify any additional devices to be installed, do so at this time. This action is the same as the operation to create a JBOD array. This pane will list out all the disks that have been selected to create a RAID set. Show the remaining splitting data sector numbers.

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Redundant Array of Independent Disk Drives use jointly several hard drives to increase data transfer rates and data security. User can select any one mode type to create a RAID set.

Available disks and RAID existing simultaneously No available disk existing but have RAID existing: Don’t have an account? To create an array for best performance, follow these steps: Popup The popup window is a visual notification that event occurred.


Foxconn PRODUCT : Motherboard : Details

Disabled – No event logs will be sent. If the disk assigned as the source disk already has been partitioned and has data stored on it, and then a second disk is added for redundancy, the data on the source drive can be copied to the siss drive, so the disks are identical, and all subsequent data will Viewing the RaidType meaning General case: Also See for SiS User manual – 68 pages.

This, however, overridden the time of The technology also offers fault tolerant, data redundancy for entry-level network file servers or simply for desktop PC users wanting to continually protect valuable data on their PC.

The first selected disk. Click here Click here Next, another message box will be popup to tell user that disk sus has been changed and ask whether to restart the computer or not. Show the remaining splitting data sector numbers.

Silicon Integrated Systems(SiS) – Chipset Driver Support

The [A] and [D] key will appear randomly in the different conditions. This is the fastest and easiest method to delete your first array. Next, highlight the empty hard disk you want to select. User can select any one mode type to create a RAID set.


Available disk is not enough to create RAID Don’t show me this message again. There are two mode types that the user can select: Start the selected operation.

Therefore, the first Unallocated Partition represents Set 1, and so on. Once all devices are specified, Press Enter to continue with installation.

Available disk is not enough to create RAID Only SiS controller supports Stripe – Mirror array with 4 drives. The result after creating will be shown on step 5.

Foxconn SiS964 User Manual

The RaidType meaning will show below. The second selected disk. The Raid is wrong!! To create a JBOD array, follow these steps: SiS enables users to create striped arrays with 2, 3, or siw drives. If the icon does not appear in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop, find where the application was saved and launch from there.

Insert the floppy disk into the floppy disk drive and click Browse.