All work is based on a head ports tree from about Dec 18, Things that work Basically everything I care about: Things that don’t work Fingerprint reader Potentially anything I didn’t test Battery life is okay, but could be better. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Synaptics touchpad working now. In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer On Mon, at Posted a response on your own website? Configure input devices for X.

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Synaptics in FreeBSD

This is the Synaptics driver that provides a great trackpad experience. After applying the patches to the port, do: Of course, that led synaotics new problems. In my Thinkpad R40 I have a touchpad that can use the middle mouse button used not to work in PSM mode and where the right border of the touchpad is a scroll control.

HDMI audio works too sysctl hw. I envy you for ZFS.

Synaptics Touchpad

In reply to this post by Vladimir B. It has advanced support like sensitivity settings for Synaptics touchpads and ThinkPad TrackPoints set hw.


Mouse emulation The simple way: Also, a patch must be applied to xfinput-mouse to handle horizontal scrolling from sysmouse. If you have questions, remarks, ideas for improvements etc. The rest of the division is also kept between each packet; otherwise, with slow movements, the pointer doesn’t reproduce well what the finger is doing.

CategoryHowTo SynapticsTouchpad last edited Sound Sound works out of the box, you might want to ajust hw.

I now seem to get the full capabilities that I get under Linux when using it under X11, but synclient still doesn’t work. Tap detection with one left clicktwo right clickor three middle click finger tap support. Features Improved movement touchpzd.

Movements inside these larger margins will be smoothed using different max weight and divisor. Custom kernel To allow using evdev, a custom kernel was installed: Internaly, the driver keeps the last 10 packets.

Or even worse, touchpad works some time and then stop working. VAAPI video output and hardware accelerated decoding works.

Intel Core iU, touchpar 2. Vladimir Grebenschikov wrote on Fri, Feb 01, at This will actually support multi-touch. In reply to this post by Martin Cracauer Martin Cracauer wrote: Ethernet and Wi-Fi Works.


I couldn’t make this work before, in case anybody else has this problem: Tap and Tap-hold hw. This is to prevent unwanted scrolling when tapping for instance.

SynapticsTouchpad – FreeBSD Wiki

But putting the X into sleep mode for short breaks is not really necessary. Obviously, more hours without Firefox: It includes details about my personal setup, which are not required to run FreeBSD on this model, but which are more to my own taste.

Here’s what to do: Some stuff, like configuring the scroll area, enabling horizontal scrolling, and touch-tap-lock, don’t work by default, and are nice, so I tried your recommendations. This accomplishes the following might be interesting to you, even if you’re tkuchpad a different window manager: