It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Press SW1 as required to bring up SF on alpha-numeric display. This action stores the value in the active configuration in volatile memory. Basic applications covered in this manual include: When desired PC port baud rate is selected, press SW2 to enter rate.

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Press SW2 when desired DC code control stop is selected. Information – All Applications The manuals for rpotocol products must be used in conjunction with this manual for proper installation, operation and maintenance of these systems. Refer to sections 2. No field repairs on a X series PCB should be attempted.

Once valid, the configuration memory can be changed either using the on-board switches or DTOOL utility.

The board only contains components for converting DC code line voltages to levels compatible with the Enhanced Controller, and vice-versa. When desired parity option is selected, press SW2 to enter option.

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

Test Operation Commands A. These procedures are intended for technicians trained in the operation and maintenance of microprocessor-based, software-driven controllers and the various classes of remote communications systems covered in this manual e.


If the checksums do not match those in protofol memory, or if the memory is invalid, the unit configuration is rebuilt.

Replace these PROMs as necessary. Other applications may utilize these pinouts. The board contains power supply components to convert external input voltage to levels compatible with the Enhanced Controller. Same displays should be repeated for up to 6 stations: When desired control delivery time is selected, press SW2 to enter time.

If the above checks are OK, make certain problems in related circuits and equipment are not causing apparent problems with the Bit Input or Output boards. When desired carrier option is selected, press SW2 to enter option.

External connections to the bit boards are made on a way PCB edge genjsys that projects through backplane slots in the cardfile. Batesburg, SC 4. Repeat this procedure for all remaining timing functions displayed on PC. Refer to section 2.

No display end of procedure.

Most but not all configuration operations can be performed using the on-board configuration process. Table lists pinouts. Display should repeat a sequence of 11 new hexidecimal digits, related to the previous digits selected.


Refer to following section for parallel line pinout locations. Asynchronous-only Master port for communications with a remote Slave Unit C.

Return to step 1 to make any additional configuration adjustments required. Two methods of data output to external circuits are available on the Bit output boards: When not asserted, modem transmit oscillator is disabled.

Indication odd short, maximum control start etc.

GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

To set relay output board control delivery time, press SW2 once, then press SW1 as required to select option. If any parameter values must be changed, SW1 portocol pressed again to cycle the alphanumeric display back to the first parameter in the menu.

Systematic troubleshooting procedures include: