We are continuing to give out a miniature chuckwagon every night to one lucky fan. Rick pulled into barrel 4 tonight. I think I was the spoiled one. Almost as good as Luke Tournier on barrel 4. Sometimes on days where there is downtime, one just never knows what will go on.

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Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship

Coy loves lego so much that our friend Nicole decided to bring some from home for him to play with. We share making all the meals and just enjoy sitting and chatting around the campfire at night. We are totally confident that they can do the job and do the job well. Mouse Mackenzie and family with Rick and Sue. But when they went, they went hard. Pretty good imaginations they have.

He had a tough time trying to stop them. Well, someone from another camp needed a haircut so he came a-calling. Rick and I also had to scoot over to the Chjckwagon Meet and Greet tent for a bit to enjoy a beverage or two there. Team meeting after breakfast.


We managed to find geoege few, normandd everyone came home with some kind of bargain or two. Today they played dinosaur games and even made some pretty scary faces for the camera. Almost as good as Luke Tournier on barrel 4. He was doing what he loved, riding his horse, got bucked off and broke his neck along with suffering some other injuries. And I must not forget the wonderful luncheon that was provided with champagne and orange juice too.

Rounding the first turn. A fine speedy finish.

Bonnyville Chuckwagon Championship

You are commenting using your WordPress. Some serious Lego playing. Rick was not too far behind, chuckwahon Kelly Sutherland on the inside of Rick and Evan in behind. So awesome to get away from the grounds, have some fun and take a much-needed bath in the lake.

Luke fired out of there to grab the rail. The famous George Normand.

I think Bruce and Bonnie have been coming up here to the races every year since it started. We are continuing to give out a miniature chuckwagon every night to one lucky fan. A beautiful sunny and warm day it turned out to be.


Our grandson Coy loves to play with the other chuckwagon kids. This morning he could hardly wait to get up and go to play with the Gorst girls. This helps me out tremendously.

A wonderful back massage always feels great. He was a great one and they named him The Bonnyville Bullet. Look at my nails! I would have sworn it rained in the night. Another beautiful day today.

I offered my haircutting scissors but she continued to use the regular scissors out in the barn. We had very little rain during a noormand of the nights, but nothing during the days.