Now check that the login window disappeared. To be able to use Selenium for the test, you need to include some dependencies. Your email address will not be published. Normally, WebDriver script for entering login name would look like: And then edit pom. As you could see from the clip at the beginning, the test verifies many things.

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Changes to the view are done through DOM manipulation. But the problem is elements which aebdriver present in frame, for these web elements in Firepath Xpath is found but while executing the script in webdriver, test scripts are throwing NoSuchElementException as the ID, name as well as Class value is changing.

During testing I am suffering from some problems selneium Before ; import org. Additionally, if you need to go back to an element in the main web page, you have to switch focus back webdrivr the default frame. I love when I find exceptions, if I don’t find one, I cause one. Selenium will need to reference the widgets by there id using widget. Piotr Boho 1 6 It can be found here Read over the source code of our Selenium extensions to get a clear understanding of how the Selenium integration works, because this will be analogous to the work you’ll need to do Search delenium forums for other developers who are trying to use the same test tool with Smart GWT, and share efforts.


AutomatedTesting (Smart GWT LGPL Edition API p ())

The port here matches the port from the jetty configuration in the pom. AbcAeffchen 8, 12 33 This class contains dedicated methods to identify and manipulate each UI control on a page.

Sign up using Facebook. The running test looks like this: The profile is defined below. In order to make automation scripts easy to maintain and easy to read, page object model can be used.

Webvriver testcase looks like this: Have a look at http: We also want to check that only only one command was sent to the server and that the other commands are queued for when the authentication is done. The API for Software: Do not use this feature, it exports useless code that doesn’t understand custom commands, custom locators, or other key features of Selenium IDE.

Testing GWT apps in dev-mode with WebDriver

This allows you to wait on a condition and proceed when it evaluates to true. Webdrivre a simple GWT app I made a really simple application to play with, consisting of just an EntryPoint that displays a Label, and a PushButton which adds more Label’s when clicked.

Pankhuri Mishra Feb 2, at 9: With the constantly changing technology landscape, having the right skill sets in-house can be challenging to maintain and also may not be cost effective. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Different testing tools vary in how easily they can be configured to use the locator API, and in some older tools it can be a large effort.


In order to find elements in a frame you first have to change focus to inside the frame then everything WebDriver sees is in the frame’s DOM. To post to this group, send. Setup for WebDriver is more complex than for classic Selenium. This is a very limited testing approach appropriate for certain unit tests only – it cannot replace events such as clicks, because by default it doesn’t run in actual browser instead it runs in a simulator called HtmlUnit.

Both Selenium and WebDriver which is essentially now the successor to Selenium provide a good way to functionally test web applications in multiple target environments without manual work.

As you could see from the clip at the beginning, the test verifies many things. If there are critically important tests that you can only build via WebDriver, use WebDriver for those tests only, or use manual testing for those tests.

Page Object Model In order to make automation scripts easy to maintain and easy to read, page object model can be used. Try them if you are hitting issues. So basically Selenium does wbedriver appear to be able to see the new delenium on the browser window when I do a button click.