A few external modems already offered the ability to dial the phone by entering a phone number when the modem was first started, but the real problem was somehow sending a command to hang up, while the modem was already connected. In order to filter out these “accidental” sequences, Heatherington’s design only switched to command mode if the sequence was led and followed by a one-second pause, the guard time , in which no other data were sent. Also differentiating Hayes from its competition was the Smartmodem’s use of the guard time. Their attention turned to Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL , which ran over the existing wiring and did not block a telephone connection in the process. Defunct computer companies of the United States Defunct computer hardware companies Modems Telecommunications equipment vendors Computer companies established in Electronics companies established in Manufacturing companies established in Manufacturing companies disestablished in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Companies that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in The external Accura is housed in an attractive, sleek white case with the appropriate LEDs located at the front.

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If need be the user can hajes the default to either K56Flex or V. Disconnecting at the end of the session was also manual, with the user lifting the handset out of the coupler and hanging it up on the phone body in order to depress the hook switch and return the phone to the on-hook state and end the call.

The Accura modems are set to auto-detect either standard and adjust themselves accordingly. Modem companies quickly incorporated v. Not only did it require special driver software, but a different hardware design was needed for every computer busincluding Apple II, S, TRSand others. Intelligent Machines Journal Of course it was entirely possible that the computer would send this sequence for other reasons, for example, the sequence might be contained within a text file describing how modems worked.


In one, data modeall data forwarded from the computer were modulated and sent over the connected telephone line as it was with any other modem. All drivers were removed and I tried again.

Hayes Microcomputer Products – Wikipedia

Views Read Hayee View history. Do avoid the internal version of the Accura modem until I find out whether its driver problem is unique to my test unit. I am still awaiting a solution from Hayes and will report on the internal Accura when it is up and running. Click mmodem to find lowest prices on this product.

The connection and disconnection was entirely manual, with the user picking up the phone’s handset, dialing manually, and then pressing the handset into the coupler if a carrier frequency was heard. Another confuses the original Smartmodem with the later V-Series modems, reversing the introduction dates and features.

Hayes Technical Support: ACCURA V/V 56K External

Today almost all modems use a variant of the Hayes command set. Also differentiating Hayes from its competition was the Smartmodem’s use of the guard time. No new funding could be found, and in the company assets were liquidated.

In this way, the modem could be instructed by the computer to perform hayrs operations, such as hang up the phone or dial a number. The Manufacturers and RS reserve the right to change this Information at any time without notice.

This was not simple unless the modem “knew” what data were initially being sent, allowing it to time the bits and thereby guess the 65k. The driver issue may prove a problem on some systems and the unblinking “CD” led is an annoyance. The merger was primarily a way to take the company public. Rockwell had taken their commands from the V-series Smartmodems, so by the mids the market was once again based largely on a “real” Hayes command set.


Hayes Accura V.90/K56Flex Internal and External Data/Fax Modems

There were optional systems moddm dial the phone or pick it up, but these were generally implemented as separate devices also intended to be used on one end of the connection or the other. But it was not long before hobbyists were able to combine the Smartmodem with new software to create the first real bulletin board systems BBSeswhich created significant market demand.

Hayes was never able to respond effectively. The Accura 56K loaded web pages much more crisply than the average Hayes eventually purchased two of their competitors, Practical Peripherals and Cardinal, turning them into low-cost brands in order to compete with companies such as Zoom Telephonics.

The brand name was purchased and revived by onetime rival Zoom Technologies in July Both of these items’ sales were apparently dismal. They quickly introduced their own v.

To compete with Hayes on price, early competitors manufactured modems using low-cost components that were often unreliable. An effort was started to move into the market for ADSL and cable modemsbut this was a multi-year effort during a period when USR increasingly took over the market.

Hayes Microcomputer Products

At the time, Hayes was one of the few modem companies with the capital and engineering wherewithal to develop entirely new modem architectures. Although powerful, the internal modem was commercially impractical. They later referred to the protocol as “Express 96”.