You need to log in to change this bug’s status. When people leave Linux, they generally don’t come back, and you have few enough users as it is. I try unmount and then reconnect without success. The patch is now pulled into our tree. I am hoping that the problem would be solved very rapidly. My broadband provider released some firmware upgrades as well, those of you whose modem are not working can give it a try:

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Huawei E1692 On Linux HOWTO

I feel it’s a bit too early to say whether this bug is solved or not. Also, two of my recently Ubuntu’fied friends has just reinstalled XP because of this!

I only still notice mounting of the drive which I don’t bother whether it’s mounted or not. The problem is that most people do not post bug reports. Should the rest of Huawei modems have different bug reports?

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E1692

This bug was also affecting me, thanks to Andy’s. Quando provo a riavviare pulseaudio mi ubungu questo errore: I have retained 2. The user wrote that he found out that the internal modem was partly deactivated and could be activated by using the hotkeys for doing that. I was so shocked as I had tested it after the upgrade and a couple of boots.


TronProg: Programming and Computers: Huawei E in Linux Kubuntu Karmic

USB disconnect, address Getting each to connect is again pain. It got a bad connection and I reconnected it.

To quote, “War – what is it good for? Really frustrating to see.

It looks like its working properly and something inside network manager goes wrong. I highly recommend to upgrade FW to latest huzwei you can huaweii. I have tried almost all the kernel updates and network manager trunk build without much reprise. Releasing Ubuntu with this kernel would really be a bad idea – if a newbie cannot connect to internet – he will surely erase his ubuntu install and work with windows7 the 1st good windows for me since win2k.

I can get a connection, but the connection immediately drops when the device is destroyed.

Huawei E On Linux HOWTO

I can’t find a matching kernel at http: This is assigned to Andy Whitcroft, who d1692 commented on this in November – perhaps we could have a comment on whether the Lucid fix is definitive, and if we can expect a karmic backport? I found out what’s wrong!


The outputs are from the newest kernel: Martin Wildam mwildam wrote on Alexander Skiba – That’s a different issue. I successfully connected twice now.

I never posted a dmesg, lsusb etc, because they were all perfectly normal. If you don’t have access to other kernel version, is there a workaround? I’m using a Huawei E and this is still broken for me on kernel 2.

The original bug for E lsusb: I don’t have an overview now who initially had problems and who remains still with problems. Please try application Gnome-ppp and try if it connect: Ragazzi, ho trovato la soluzione Using the commands above I can start NM but the applet does not come back properly and a reboot it needed to bring NM back fully.

It is most likely to release as an SRU immediatly after release. So, is this only me being a reactionist ahh, the good old days of 9.