Instant Quotes by Big Bang posted 1 day and 8 hours ago, with 4 posts. I am actually quite pleased to see a built in motherboard speaker, since it is an absolutely invaluable tool for diagnostic purposes, and many cases do not come with them anymore. I have had a long and arduous history with headphones and earphones. The CMOS battery is placed between the processor socket and the first expansion card slot, but since we have a Back to BIOS switch at the back the board — more on this later — the traditional pull-out-the-battery-to-settings trick will probably never be used. And yes, you read it correctly — there are two legacy PCI slots. To be absolutely honest with you, before writing this review, I have actually never owned an Intel motherboard before. Pinouts of lesser importance such as IR, clear CMOS, serial, and chassis intrusion can be found near the bottom right corner as well.

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As Intel concentrated most of their efforts highlight the board’s apparent features such as the excellent Visual BIOS, there is no mention on distinctive elements of the hardware build — such as extra copper on the power and ground later, glass fabric PCB, etc. Above is a shot of the motherboard at the back. The button between the USB 2. It is also extremely user friendly in my opinion; making overclocking a lot less intimidating to people new to the scene.

Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K – Extreme Series – motherboard – ATX – LGA1155 Socket – Z77 Series

The debug LED displays a code corresponding to the boot sequence, so if there are any issues preventing your system from starting, you can get a visual queue in addition to listening to a bunch of beeps to find out what is going on. Again, everything is extremely straightforward.


Learn how to make a website and other useful tips at Metapress. There are two voltage control options in this menu. What is the difference between Boxed and Tray Processors?

This Hyundai Elantra has 1 million It was a late evening near the end of inyel So what’s the point? All information provided is subject to change at any time, without notice. Despite being in Canada, I did my own share of Black Friday shopping, though most of it was online.

Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA-70K

Among the other built-in features are Power Supervisor, which protects the motherboard from power failures or surges; Fast Boot, which speeds up power-up times; and Intelligent Phase Shedding, for reducing dz777ga-70k consumption. A 4-pin fan header for the rear fan is conveniently found nearby as well.

The smooth blue color scheme is unquestionably Intel in every way; followed by a logical layout that is simply unique and unconventional. It is color coded but not labeled, so you will have to take out your motherboard manual to get things going.

A Parallel port is a computer interface used for connecting peripherals, most often printers. As always, the RAM socket and expansion card slots uses through hole connectors, as shown in our photo above; SMT Surface-mount technology is not capable of withstanding higher mechanical stress required for this purpose.


The back panel offers a generous array of available external connectors. MetallicGear Neo Review Page 1 of 4.

IntelĀ® Desktop Board DZ77GAK Product Specifications

Intel Authorized Distributors sell Intel processors in clearly marked boxes from Intel. Every ASUS motherboards I have used in the past lets you configure chassis fan speed triggers based on CPU, chipset, or external probe temperature and works wonderfully. Lastly, we have the Graphics tab. Peripheral Component Interconnect Express or PCIe is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for attaching hardware devices to a computer. We refer to these processors as boxed processors.

Intel doesn’t provide direct warranty support.

Intel Desktop Board DZ77GAK CPUs & Components – Review – PCMag UK

Onboard Sound Frequency Analysis Since Intel only provides native support for four USB 3. The subsequent tabs allow you to configure temperature triggers and thresholds. Designed to take advantage of Ivy Bridge features.

Please submit your comments, questions, or suggestions here. The first screen you will see after navigating into this section is a screen displaying a table of settings in summary.

System and Maximum TDP is based on worst case scenarios.