However, according to Intel, a complete decoding of VC1 should be possible perhaps with future driver versions. The K quad-core desktop processor alone needed seconds for this task. The Intel Graphics accomplishes an average of Furthermore, it is necessary to deal with rumors that the integrated graphics chip should replace various entry level graphics cards. This should make decoding more efficient. August panetcedric is correct.

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Depends on what card you are talking about, check out the benchmarks here, http: Reducing the details to medium x, med just brings about a slight improvement to However when I attempt to play the game all the buildings, landscape, road, rail etc are distorted. The conversion of a 4 minutes i videos into an iPhone 3GS compatible format by MediaEspresso was even quicker.

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Therewith it stays outside the playable rangebut at least in front of the GM 17 Fps. With the current driver 8. Quality when playing games? Try these steps first to clear up any problems you may have when connecting to an EA game.


This value is again inte, on par with the Nvidia Geforce M. At low details the performance increases to Message 3 of 3 1, Views. At low graphics details, the HD is back again and accomplishes absolutely playable At medium detail level x, med the average frame rate rises to In Sims 3 medium details suffice smooth frame rates.

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So, the performance drops accordingly. Slower than the M but clearly in front of the HD Aug 7, I believe that this is a graphics card issue because itel game does appear to have performance related issues however I cannot guarantee this because I am yet to play the game.

In addition it supports DirectX Because of the CPUs’ higher clock rates, they can mostly achieve slightly higher frames rates. Further benchmarks and gaming tests for various versions of the Intel HD Graphics can be found on the always updated graphics card page of the Intel HD Graphics The Intel Graphics accomplishes an average of As its clock rate ranges from MHz to MHz the results should show the upper performance limit of this graphics solution.


As Intel points out the increased 3D performance in games, we want to look into it in detail. If you could resolve this matter it would be much appreciated. Game Check of the Desktop Version.

Intel HD Graphics

The Nvidia M achieves 42 fps, which is also clearly less. They proved to be sufficient for displaying the desktop in 2D, watching HD films and even simple games. This should make decoding more efficient. But, this value is already at the level of a Geforce GT M graphics 32 fps. With Quick Sync the encoding was done clearly faster in 33 seconds. Many further gaming tests of the mobile and the desktop version are available at our graphics ibtel of the Intel HD Graphics Are games possible too?