Her first skill, Race Analysis, is a very useful one and pairs insanely well with Feedback drivers. Some notes about leaving Comments: You could try the Proto Car. Grand Prix Story also available for iOS devices drops you in the shoes of a business owner trying to make it big in the world of grand prix racing. Just so people know, from the Lite page: Acceleratrion — The speed at which your car can accelerate.

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Your car will automatically gain experience and level-up as you race, but you can, of course, also upgrade your car using Research Data. Apparently Kairo Bot is the best driver but You have to basically complete the game to get Him. Always thinking in absolutes, we so rarely spend Does anyone knows how to win the race in russia im completely at a lost. He is not recommended to be used as the main driver, but rather as a situational driver due to his double-edged skill.

What I did was only use silver and gold auras for upgrading the mach car. V12 engine for added speed and acceleration.

Grand Prix Story

Acceleratrion — The speed at which your car can accelerate. Built the car on auras too.


Next I ,airosoft going to try some of the expensive drivers. Grand Prix Story Android. However, different staff have different base stats, different stat caps, and get different bonuses while leveling up.

We assume it’ll hit iOS eventually, but there’s no telling. Her second skill, Hype, is the most reliable way in the game to trigger aura efficiently.


The rest of the team The rest of your team is made up by a driver and his mechanics, both of which have their own sets of skills to consider. Retrieved from ” https: Anyway i need help T1 is my primary granc designer team: I better wait for exams to finish before I download it Both of his skills, Car Designer and Aero-dynamite, aren’t as useful as they might seem despite his decent stats due to his relatively late availability; as there are better-performing kaifosoft for those roles at the hiring list earlier than him.

I was actually addicted before playing: Click here to add a new tip. If you are qualified, please edit it to remove the drivel, and then remove gest template from the page.

It will take Android at least a couple more years to catch up at that rate. This page needs to be wikified It needs to be re-written with wikimarkup and laid out correctly according to the editing guidelines. The car Your car is prox the most important member of your team, so it’s important that you develop a race-winning contender.


Grand Prix Story 2 Team Composition : Kairosoft

Read on to learn more about this issue’s stages As the majority of kairooft throughout Grand Prix Story are held on-road, it’s beneficial to develop a car that favours this attribute. This game seems so awesome. Please keep this post in mind. Slipstream is a great skill which gives a notable boost.

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Keep in mind that as your driver’s stats increase so will his performance and his contract renewal fee. Your car is arguably the most important member of your team, so it’s important that you develop a race-winning contender.

Build it with an FR drive for the Speed and Acceleration bonus. A driver’s stats are: Vehicles have many factors that must be balanced to perform properly on a given track.