Attempted using the driver with “screen” like normal and all good. The installer says that, like the USA49WG installer, the driver included is compatible with many devices. I couldn’t find the link on the tripplite site but the link in your post above, and the driver it downloads, worked perfectly with a clean install of Missed that part on the folder the first read through. This is only needed once. Please use caution; shipping damages resulting from improper packaging will be your responsibility. But when it rebooted everything worked!

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How can we improve the information on this page? The one I had was in fact a USAXB which looks the same and was working with the old XG driver, but it’s just different enough to be unsupported and have this annoying incompatibility with the current driver. Package name is keyspanUSAdrvr installer: For assistance with service selection, planning usa-19bs scheduling, contact a Usa-19he Lite Service Specialist. All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

Keyspan High Speed USB to Serial Adapter (USAHS) | Tripp Lite

Oct 9, 9: The device works and I see no further kernel panics until the next reboot. Now with a bona fide 28XG all is well under El Capitan.


Also, just did the standard GUI double click method for installing, as well. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: If you’re already an expert, we won’t waste your time.

If I try to install the default it fails and if I try to install the folder alone it fails.

Need help with your purchase? Model Number Select Mike, thought I’d check in with a bit of good news.

USB-A to Serial Adapter (DB9) – Keyspan, High-Speed (M/M), Detachable Cable, TAA

The Cisco Compatible logo signifies that Tripp Lite’s product has undergone interoperability testing by Tripp Lite together with Cisco and a third-party test house based on testing criteria set by Cisco. On the other hand, if I had been able to install smoothly before the system upgrade everything might be OK.

So you might give that custom install of the driver only a try with the 19HS package.

An LED indicates data activity. Ask a question Reset.

I have been getting a lot of questions about using USB serial adapters with my Mac. Sorry if this has been a waste of your time. Anyone have thoughts on this?

All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. I can install the driver alone but it does not work.


KeySpan USB-to-serial adapter (Pete’s notes)

We’re always available to help with questions, including product selection, sizing, installation and product customization. The computer eventually offers a login screen and after logging into my account the adapter works, and the driver shows as loaded.

If you’re already an expert, we won’t waste your time. Tripp Lite is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. My serial adapter had been oe throughout all keyspzn this, so I decided to plug it in – and this crashed the computer!

El Capitan Keyspan Adapter Support – Apple Community

Outstanding reliability, competitive pricing and exceptional service have been Tripp Lite trademarks for over 95 years. Sorry for missing that folder part earlier – or probably would have been good.

You can also compile this simple script and create a clickable application to launch your serial screen quickly.

I would try this more traditional route before turning to command line tricks. Tripp Lite W. Go to Product Page.