The more packets the easier it is to crack the key. Jed May 17, at 7: What is the benefit of the machine and did not issue a definition drive os Stark December 3, at 9: Or is there supplemental drivers I need to download? Here you can see what it looks like to use injection. Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani.

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Good luck re-shipping to China. Sobrino November 9, at 1: Sorry, I read too fast and only saw the “NH”, I’ll correct that. Now some of the settings are hidden due to the drop down.

See all ReviverSoft resources. Camouflage Camouflage Hides your Icons in a Click.

Admin June 23, at 8: Active mode Sends probes Allows for standard stumbling Pretty much garbage Passive mode Monitor mode Ability to see everything within range Allows for injection attacks De-authentication attacks You can pretty much see that you want Passive mode support if you really want to stir up some packets.

But I have some questions and hope that u could help me answer them: Some vendors are honest, some others, not so much.


Glad that it’s working now. Anonymous May 29, at Double check the Chipset before downloading.

Please advice which Antenna should I get? Nick October 28, at 9: The most obvious one is a very low traffic network. Admin June 20, at 7: UQ2AWUSH that works nicely when I have the mac in 32bits after a hefty installation as I’m not awesome at these things ; but when I start kismac, having added the drivers from the kismac driver tab i get this on the console a long list of vendors and then this: Stark December 3, at I don’t understand the “unload” part.

Sara, You cracked me up: That nerdy girl who is skinny January 14, at 2: Thanks so Much so far! The NH is been phased out and a NH should be arriving in I received this email, so I’ll post it “as is” From: Admin – I have an iMac running Yosemite. Hello Admin, First of all thank you very much for the tutorials, Do you know something about If the password of the WPA network is in your wordlist file then you are quickly granted access to your network.


I hope this article either helps or gets someone interested in KisMAC.

KISMAC File Extension – What is .kismac and how to open? – ReviverSoft

I have selected my home wifi signal for which I have the password and I cannot see any button or option tr73 actually connect to the internet via this network. Just like 2 cars driving on the same road do not add their speed. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Since KISMAC files deal with wireless networks, they are helpful when it comes to gaining access to wireless networks through the cracking of network passwords.

Thanks for this great post! The Signal, even if ,ismac is not a “laser beam”. If you believe that an higher price will determine The Excellent, you’re in for a big surprise!