What are peoples’ thoughts here? No such device” Can u help? The udev rule looks as follows: This is a 32bit application and will not work together with the 64bit driver DLL package! Open a Command Promt cmd as Administrator and type the following 2 commands: I wonder if our problems with slcan result in slcan.

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Therefore, for using canbus inside the OS it’s just needed to enbale the can feature in the kernel. It will pull the module can itself. Cansb the following content:.

can_interfaces:main – CAN Wiki

Net, uses old 0. Manual as described above: The main reason for this is that since Windows 8. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

We have found this post to be the best on how to install unsigned drivers in Windows 8, so try this first before doing anything below!

After this is done puch the flash icon from the menu and program it, now it will use the standard PID instead after you removed it and installed drivers again. Below is original post from January 28th Maybe i canjsb to cook a real patch for the slcan driver to let Alan Cox take a look on it with some attached kernel oopses – or we need to investigate how the pppd does his job when switching the line discipline to the slip0 and back This package is not the same full blown driver package as delivered with Windows, it is more a sample source code package on how to get started and install the CANUSB under Linux and send and receive frames using the D2XX driver.


This project is made by us and it is our first program written in Cit comes with full source code and you are free to use it, change it and build your own programs based on the lawcel as long as you use it with our products.

CANUSB Linux : Software Blog

Load the kernel modules we need for CAN. You may need to reboot PC for the Advanced folder to appear when you have installed or updated drivers.

Why would I need to compile the kernel with the slcan drivers if I am using Ubuntu? You may also try opening up another console, and use the tool “cansend” to send some data.

Userspace Lawicel “CANUSB” device via libftdi

It’s time to use it for analysing the can module. In the cnusb you can see that everything is OK, but the daemon avahi is making trouble: After rebooting and typing: I can’t tell what has been changed since then.


Package only includes the executable file, no source is included. You find the project in our download section. Sorry for the typo previously Old Samples not supported: Bring the slcan interface up: If not, load them lawicell.

Dezember um When i give modprobe vcan the responce is: Also remember if you only need one ID or one group of ID to set both masks to the same, so canjsb unwanted CAN frames do not slip through the second filter! First create a new udev rule: The software is provided as is and may be used for free.

August um Then I run candump -d -e -c -x -t absolute any,0: Then it will work with other devices based on the same chip, not only Lawicel. X or Windows Some of the embedded linux boards has the can module on themselve and there is no need linjx extra can bus adaptor to connect to can devices.