Wake-on-LAN enable set by ethtool. Buffer to store the read data. Makefile change for KSZX driver [2. Strong reliability and fast recovery: Pointer to port information linked to this port. Add support for Sandybridge. At the instruction address, a “int 3” instruction is inserted, and when the code path hits it, the exception handler is called and kprobes recollects all the information needed.

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This system works very well and it’s quite efficient, but it can be improved. Other news sources tracking the kernel changes LWN 2.

Linux_2_6_34 – Linux Kernel Newbies

Similarly, if thousands of clients suddenly access a single file or directory, that metadata is dynamically replicated across multiple servers to distribute the workload. On the other hand, a jump optimized probe hit takes less than 0. Scalability is considered micreel terms of workload as well as total storage.

Add WM register definitions commit mfd: Buffer to store the VID. The incompat bit is only set if you run the set-default ioctl.


There’s a userspace utility to list files recently modified command “btrfs subvolume find-new” Ioctl code: Existing virtio net code is used in guests without modification. Cached multicast hash table settings.

Add rudimentary ad-hoc support commitimplement WMM commitimplement chipset boot retry commit ksz884, add testmode support commit iwlwifi: Thu, 4 Feb Its use is extending all over the tree, but its correct use needs manual checking.

Number of ports this port supports. Current Spanning Tree Protocol state. Buffer of MAC address. Initial import of the driver commit gspca – sonixj: Remove unused driver commit AC A Linux petabyte-scale distributed file system LWN article: Current buffers size value in ksz88841 descriptor.

CONFIG_KSZ884X_PCI: Micrel KSZ8841/2 PCI

Wake-on-LAN enable set by ethtool. It isn’t ready for users no acceleration at allbut it’s progressing. You need to restart X, though. Network Intel R Virtual Function Ethernet support commit12345 Add cxgb4 driver for Chelsio T4-based gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet devices commitcommitcommitcommitcommitcommit qlcnic: Connection status of the port. Add support for Sandybridge. This feature is part of snapshot assisted distro upgrades, where you can take a snapshot of your distro, update it to a beta version, and revert back the default root to the old tree if you want to go back to the old, stable version.


Add DAC regulator support commit Remove old i. Size of hardware descriptor. The address of the switch register. Semaphore for proc accessing. Temporary variable to store advertised settings.

The flag indicating whether the bits are to be set micrfl not. To turn on or off the all multicast feature.

Pointer to network device. First hardware descriptor in the ring.