On the resulting confirmation screen see Figure 29 , press OK tosave. Make it a practice to visually inspect your tape cartridges when loading orremoving them from your library. The library will reboot. Available options are dependent on the specified userlevel. The right AC power receptacle is for the top power supply. If the magazine is damaged, contact your authorizedservice provider. Page 89 OperationTable 7:

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To reduce the risk of personal injury from a hot component,allow the surface to cool before touching. Call technical support at the nearest location. Examine the library Status screen to make sure that the cleaningcartridge has been unloaded from the tape drive to the reserved slot.

Bus errors caused by excessive length or poor quality cables can significantlydegrade performance and reliability. OperationMenuSelecting this option libraey you view, configure, and use the library Figure IntroductionRoboticsMSL Series tape library robotics consist of a cartridge shuttle, motor hardware,motor drives, and other support electronics see Figure 5.

Indexpower-down confirmation message 79reserved slots numeric keypad 62SCSI ID confirmation 56SCSI option selection 55security level taape 74, 80technical support information 75total reserved slots 62total reserved slots confirmation 63view library info 91view library options 83view network options 90view SCSI options 86SCSIbus IDs 86bus parity 87cable configuration examples cable configurations 49IDs 49IDs, setting 55options 85securing the library 46security level 98set upne.


In diagnostics, invalidsource or destination. Replace DriveDeactivates a drive prior to its removal.

maintenance and service guide hp StorageWorks MSL and MSL series tape libraries

The configuration shown in Figure 85 is not recommended for Ultrium tapedrives, due to performance downgrade. Library magazinesLooking from the front of the library, each left tape magazine includes a mail slot,which is accessible when tapr magazine door is open. Page 81 OperationMenuSelecting this option lets you view, configure, and use the library Figure The following SCSI configurations are detailed in librqry section: If the magazine is damaged, contact your authorizedservice provider.

Do not operate controls, make adjustments, or perform procedures to the laserdevice other than those specified herein.

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OperationMenu SelectionsThis section describes the three Menu areas: Librray also might or might not get an errorcode on the graphical user interface GUI touch screen. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this material, including, but not limited to,the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Sections in this chapter include: The Magazine Access option can be password protected. ContentsMagazine door mechanical releases emergency access.

HP MSL Series Tape Library – new, refurbished and spares

The library may not perform a complete inventory each time a magazine ismanually removed and then replaced using the emergency release. Table 6 on page page 83 lists anddescribes the available options.

From the tqpe Status screen, select Menu. A discharge of static electricity froma finger or other conductor can damage librayr boards or other static-sensitivedevices. FSCs are listed in Table 11 on page Pow er supply Page 99 OperationInserting and Removing Tape CartridgesUnless you are using the mail slot sa tape magazine must be removed from thelibrary to remove or insert tape cartridges.


A rack enclosure might lbirary unstable if more than one libraryis extended for any reason. Check that the library is terminated and properlycabled. These auto-ranging power supplies arecapable of using any nominal AC voltage between VAC and VAC power,at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and are easily removed without requiring special tools.

Try a new tape. Remove the rubber feet.

HP StorageWorks MSL5000 Tape Library

Page 36 IntroductionMulti Unit Library SystemsMSL Series tape libraries can be stacked in a scalable combination with additionaltwo-drive and four-drive models to form a multi unit library configuration.

Changes to this option may require reconfiguring the software application inorder to accommodate the change in storage slots. Specify the source slot and destination. Telephone numbers for worldwidetechnical support are listed on the HP website under support: